For a first try, close was good enough.

Village Connections raised a total of $12,045 -- 80 percent of its goal of $15,000 -- through a recent fundraising effort, It Takes a Village to Make a Neighborhood.

The nonprofit organization's fundraiser, conducted through through the Columbus Foundation's Better Together program, ran through Sept. 2. People could pledge their funding donations online.

"We were very pleased with the results," said Donald Wiggins, executive director of the German Village-based nonprofit. "It's the first time we've ever done something like this and those (funds) will be reserved for those who can't afford our membership fees.

"I want everyone to know we were thrilled with our partnership with the Columbus Foundation and the Better Together campaign," Wiggins said.

Village Connections provides services and social activities for memberships. The money from the recent fundraising effort will be put in a fund to help people pay for scholarships should certain funding levels become compromised, Wiggins said.

Full memberships in Village Connections cost $500, Social memberships cost $125.

The fundraising effort started Aug. 2. When the fundraising period began, Wiggins said Village Connections "is focused on our ability to keep seniors connected, active and independent in their homes irrespective of their ability to pay," Wiggins said.

Two anonymous individuals pledged to match, dollar for dollar, any financial pledge past the threshold of $6,000.

"It was certainly a help," Wiggins said.

Ed Elberfeld said the donations show Village Connections is reaching people in the area.

"I am very optimistic and encouraged by finding new sources of funding, finding new members -- we now have 156 members," he said.