Uptown Westerville will come alive this fall with ghost-story tours presented by Uptown Westerville Inc.

Lynn Aventino, president of Uptown Westerville Inc. said the tours, which are running until Oct. 19, already have sold out. For $20 a person, the 15 participants of each tour see 12 historic sites in Uptown Westerville, starting with Otterbein Cemetery.

She said actors from Good Medicine Productions will act out stories with characters based on notable figures in Westerville.

She said the tours will last about 90 minutes and run from 7 to 9 p.m.

"The community has really enjoyed it. Some people have come with parties of up to 10 people and filled a whole tour with just their party," she said.

Kristie Vuocolo, the founder of Good Medicine Productions who wrote the script for the tour, said the tour has been well- received since starting Aug. 16.

She said they have a rotating cast of characters who lead visitors through the tour, such as Frederick Stoner, a nephew of George Stoner, the owner of the historic Stoner House. She said each character has quirks and will make participants do different things while on the tour.

She said Stoner is superstitious.

"If you go on his tour, he makes you pat the ground three times in the same spot and those kind of things," she said.

Vuocolo said one of the other characters is Beulah E. Lee, a young girl who died in a fire at the location of the current Old Bag of Nails, 24 N. State St.

"They don't realize that until we get to the Old Bag of Nails and she reveals that she died there," she said.

Vuocolo said the proceeds also go to Good Medicine's mission, to bring "transformative joy to humans of all kinds through improvisation. She said her company sends comedic performers to children's hospitals and nursing homes.

"When people buy a ticket, they are helping to support our signature program," she said. "Adding that theatrical fun and whimsy just makes it a fun experience."

To learn more about Uptown Westerville Inc, visit uptownwestervilleinc.com. To learn more about Good Medicine Productions, visit goodmedicineproductions.org.