The first rebuild of Henderson Road is nearing completion -- and more than a month earlier than expected.

On April 29, crews from Elite Excavation began work on the first phase of a rebuild of Henderson Road, from Horizons Drive to Tarrington Lane.

That work was followed by the launch of the second phase, a reconstruction of Henderson, from Tarrington to Sawmill Road.

The project, costing approximately $2.9 million, also includes the reconstruction of the two-lane roadway with the creation of an 8-foot-wide, shared-use path on the north side of the street. The road is scheduled for final paving by the end of the month.

"We are hoping to have the final phase paved by Oct. 1," said Jackie Thiel, Upper Arlington public-services director and city engineer.

According to a schedule Thiel provided in May, an Oct. 1 completion date would be more than a month ahead of schedule. At that time, she said, the project was expected to be completed by Thanksgiving Day.

Chad Ritzler, an engineering technician for the city, said the expedited completion is due to less excavation being required in the project's second phase than was anticipated.

"The second phase of the project, between Tarrington Lane/Hampton Lane and Sawmill Road, has consisted of much less bedrock excavation than the first phase," Ritzler said.

"This has allowed the contractor to move quicker than originally expected and potentially finish in early October, weather permitting."

In addition to the roadway reconstruction, which is its first since 1969, the project includes the installation of new streetlights, a tree lawn, new curbs and a storm-sewer pipe. A new sidewalk along the east side of Sawmill Road also is being built, from the new curb ramps at Henderson extending north to the other sidewalk.

At the Henderson-Riverside intersection, high-friction asphalt pavement is being installed, along with advance-warning signs on Riverside to alert drivers to the intersection.

An 8-inch sanitary sewer line is being extended east of Horizons Drive, along with a relocation of the existing 20-inch water line to accommodate the new sanitary and storm sewer.

The completion of the work will allow the Henderson Road to be reopened to traffic between Riverside and Sawmill, which has been closed throughout the project's second phase.

"The city conducted this work on Henderson Road to improve the driving surface and enhance safety at Henderson Road and Riverside Drive, as well as improving walking and biking options along Henderson Road," Ritzler said.