Every dog has its day at Preppy Pet Worthington, a new boarding, grooming and day care facility that replaced Cannell Graphics spot at 5787 Linworth Road in Worthington.

Pia Siqueira and Zane Russell, a husband and wife who live in Grove City, are the franchisees of Preppy Pet. The business is based in Orlando, Florida.

The store is east of the railroad tracks that run along Godown Park, which was designed for cavorting canines at 6099 Godown Road.

"That's why I chose this location," Siqueira said. "I hope people from the dog park will trickle in over here."

With only one groomer on staff at Preppy Pet, customers will have to call in advance for cleaning and haircuts, she said. The shop's phone number is 614-505-7906.

The 3,276-square-foot shop accepts small (such as Chihuahuas and Pekingese), medium (bulldogs and smaller Labrador retrievers) and large (St. Bernards and Great Danes) breeds. Each group will have a cordoned section in which to play, she said.

Day care pricing is based on the size of the dog and number of days involved, Siqueira said. The same fee structure holds for boarding pricing. Boarding can include multiple family pets in the facility's 49 kennels.

Boarding -- but not day care or grooming -- is available for cats, birds and other small animals.

Siqueira and Russell had Roxy, a bulldog, when Siqueira joined Cause for Canines and became a foster caregiver to Ella, a Lab mix. When it came time to give Ella to her new owner, Siqueira said, she couldn't let her go.

She planned to continue to foster pets before her husband put a stop to that.

" 'We're not running a zoo,' is what I told her," Russell said.

Preppy Pet is about the next best thing, said Russell, who works for a private security firm.

"It's been a work in progress, that's for sure," he said. "I love it. As far as final product, it's turning out exactly the way we envisioned it."

"It stemmed out of love for animals," Siqueira said. "And that is it."

For more information about the business, go to preppypet.com/local/worthington.