Bexley Public Library patrons might notice that the antique bronze door at the entrance of the building, 2411 E. Main St., has a new sheen.

Restoration on the bronze door that has adorned the front entrance took place during the week of Sept. 9.

During the weeklong project, patrons were temporarily diverted to the east entrance near the parking lot.

"The iconic bronze door is a part of our history and a beacon for our patrons," said Ben Heckman, library director. "It has welcomed community members to explore the library's treasures since our building opened in 1929, and the restoration and care of this door is an important part of preserving the library's heritage."

The library's records indicate that the bronze door originally was created by the General Bronze Co. The library commissioned Columbus-based Centennial Preservation Group to refurbish the door in 2014. Another Columbus company, Blind Eye Restoration, completed the most recent restoration.

The latest restoration included replacing the door's lacquer finish with a traditional wax finish to prevent corrosion, said Lindsay Jones, Blind Eye Restoration proprietor.

"We're looking at it like it's an outdoor sculpture," Jones said. "The wax finish is healthier, more environmentally friendly overall."

The library's bronze door is unusual in that although it's a work of art, it has to be functional to accommodate thousands of patrons entering and exiting throughout the year, Jones said. She compared the library's door to a set of brass doors that she also recently refurbished at Green Lawn Abbey cemetery, 1000 Greenlawn Ave. in south Columbus.

"It's an interesting parallel," she said.

At the Green Lawn Abbey, "people aren't coming in and out as much. They're leaning more toward the lacquer (finish) because they don't have to worry about the weather beating it up in the same way."