Bexley's charter-review commission soon will be ready to begin work now that Bexley City Council and Mayor Ben Kessler have selected all 15 members.

Council members chose 10 members Aug. 27, and Kessler announced the five additional members he chose at council's Sept. 10 meeting.

A charter-review commission is formed about every 10 years to study the city charter and provide recommendations back to council about possible amendments. The charter covers everything from building codes to how city government's executive, administrative and legislative branches operate.

Council and the mayor chose the members from 32 applicants. The initial round included 39 applicants, but seven withdrew from consideration before council's vote, Kessler said.

Kessler's charter-review commission selections are Eloise Buker, Ira Kane, Sam Marcellino III, Mark Masser and Rush Witt.

The 10 members selected by council are Mic Foster, Steve Grossman, Becky Guzman, Bethany Hahn-Ambrosius, Rachel Laing, Larry Long, Edgar Merritt III, John Offenberg, Jim Wilson and Stephanie Wilson.

"We had just a wealth of talent," Kessler said. "I hope anyone who has applied for this will continue to apply for positions with the city."

Council member Monique Lampke said she believes Kessler's selections complement the members that council chose.

"I think the proposed slate from council and the mayor represents a well-balanced mix of new residents, older residents, residents who have prior service, residents who have never served before," she said.

Lampke said the commission is "demographically, geographically ... a very balanced slate."

Resolution 11-18, which council approved last August, states that the charter-review commission would form on or after Oct. 15 and before Nov. 15 and will conclude its work no later than Feb. 1, 2021.

Council members said they are in favor of approving Resolution 11-19, which lists the appointments to the commission, at their Tuesday, Sept. 24, meeting.

Council member Tim Madison, who introduced Resolution 11-18, said he would support adopting the new legislation at its second reading Sept. 24 rather than scheduling the customary three readings.

"In fact, the ordinance that was introduced and passed said (the commission membership) would be selected by council in September," he said.

The Sept. 24 meeting is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. at Bexley City Hall, 2242 E. Main St.