A second water tower, water-line upgrades and road improvements are part of Groveport's five-year capital- improvements plan, which lays the groundwork for budget forecasting.

City engineer Steve Farst reviewed proposed projects during Groveport City Council's Sept. 16 committee-of-the-whole meeting.

"This is something we get together every year in the summertime and evaluate," Farst said. "We always go out five years because we want to show how things are planned out from one year to the other."

Two major road projects planned for 2020 and 2021 include intersection improvements at South Hamilton Road and Higgins and Directors boulevards and at Rohr Road and Alum Creek Drive.

The Pizzuti Cos. is building two warehouses -- one of 324,000 square feet and one of 252,000 square feet -- at 4500 S. Hamilton Road and agreed to upgrade and modernize the intersection following a traffic study.

The phase 1 and phase 2 projects are estimated to cost $508,000 and $861,000, respectively, with Pizzuti and state and local money as funding sources.

Farst described the Rohr Road and Alum Creek Drive project as "a significant one for the region," with Groveport funding $332,000.

The state recently approved a $200,000 grant for the estimated $3.5 million project.

The newly created Franklin County Transportation Improvement District received the funding from the Ohio Department of Transportation Division of Jobs and Commerce.

Improvements to the intersection include dual southbound left-turn lanes, a westbound right-turn lane and two eastbound lanes on Rohr Road from Alum Creek Drive to Port Road.

Other street projects and their estimated costs included in the capital improvements plan for 2020 include:

* $130,000 for intersection improvements at College and Main streets.

* $222,000 for resurfacing Old Hamilton Road from state Route 317 to south of Founders Bend Drive.

* $290,000 for resurfacing Old Hamilton Road from south of Founders Bend Drive to near Lowry Court.

Potential future streets projects include reconstructing Center Street, north of Main Street in 2022 ($912,000) and rebuilding West Street north of Main Street in 2022 ($917,000).

The capital improvements plan also includes $1.2 million to construct a second water tower in 2022.

The 200,000-gallon tower was built in 1968 and has a lifespan of approximately 75 years, Farst said.

"Having a single tank makes it much harder to keep that tank clean and in good shape," he said. "It's very hard to go in and clean it when you have to rely on it."

The city's proposed water-line improvements and their estimated costs for 2022 include:

* $659,000 for Elm, Center and West streets.

* $791,000 for Elm, Walnut and Grove streets.

* $563,000 for West Grove Street and Naomi Court.