A series of vignettes that are both dark and humorous make up Shadowbox Live’s latest production, “Killer Party,” which debuts at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 3, in the theater group’s Brewery District venue, 503 S. Front St., Columbus.

“The sketches are all Halloween-themed and the music is dark, but in a very fun way,” said Katy Psenicka, COO and chief choreographer at Shadowbox.

Tickets for the comedy and rock ’n’ roll show are $30 for adults ages 18 to 64, and $25 for students, seniors 65 and older and people in the military. Tickets are available at the gate and at shadowboxlive.org.

“Killer Party” will be performed at select times and dates through Nov. 16.

Psenicka makes multiple appearances in the show as the Bride of Frankenstein.

“One of my favorite parts about that specific character is she doesn’t speak – (she) just uses these giant gestures to communicate,” Psenicka said. “And, obviously, she’s been sewn together by a lot of body parts so she moves in a stiff Frankenstein way.”

The show’s “7 Minutes in Narnia” sketch riffs on the kissing game – “seven minutes in heaven” – and “Chronicles of Narnia,” a series of seven fantasy novels, Psenicka said.

A bunch of 14-year-old boys and girls are at a party, and Psenicka’s character bribes the host to pick her and Eli, the boy she likes, to go into the closet to lock lips.

“And when we get in there the wardrobe turns into a fantasy land,” she said. “We decide to stay when we learn time has a different meaning in Narnia.”

And the world of Narnia, more or less, is in trouble, she said.

“We have more than seven minutes so we have enough time to save Narnia and still make out,” Psenicka said.

At the “Killer Party,” a murder-mystery dinner, the host announces that a woman was killed and the guests have to search for clues.

“One of the characters in the party, in reality, really murdered someone,” Psenicka said. “She thinks everybody else has figured it out and she’s trying to end the game.”

Music is a big part of the performance and the “Ballroom Blitz” part of the show offers a full-cast dance production, Psenicka said.

Robbie Nance, an actor and writer for Shadowbox, said “Killer Party” is shaping up to be fun for the cast and audience.

“The fall show has always been one of my favorite shows of the year, mostly because it’s a license to get a touch more weird than we normally do,” Nance said. “This show is going to be a lot of laughs.”