Grandview Cycle began as a small bicycle-repair shop in the basement of Bob Hexter's home, and later moved to a storefront (now a hair salon) on the north side of First Avenue across from the Grandview Heights Public Library.

Hexter's son, called "Heck," joined him in the business and began repairing lawn mowers, and they moved the business across the street.

They later became a Schwinn Bicycle and Lawn Boy mower dealer.

This new store (inset, lower left) was adjacent to the library, which later bought and razed the building for expansion.

Then Grandview Cycle moved to the northeast corner of Fifth and Fairview avenues.

The large photo above shows Bob Hexter's teenage daughter, Susi (now Susi Fodor) in the company delivery truck in front of the old Outdoors Store marine supply and repair business in the Masonic Building at the northwest corner of First and Grandview avenues, across the street from the Hexter family home.

The lower-right inset is a photo of Bob Hexter and his wife, Hazel, on their bicycle built for two in the 1949 Memorial Day parade.