Charging your electric car's battery has become more convenient -- and potentially much faster -- in Powell with the recent installation of a charging station at Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club.

The single station, operated by ChargePoint, an international network of electronic vehicle charging sites, is open to the public, said Regan Koivisto, president of Marquee Club Group, which operates Kinsale.

"We've had members asking probably for a couple years about getting (a charging station)," Koivisto said. "There has been an immediate response. It's been well-received."

The Kinsale location, 3737 Village Club Drive, is the third EV charging location in the city of Powell. Four stations -- two for Teslas and two more compatible with other electronic vehicles -- operate at the Powell Municipal Building, 47 Hall St., and Huntington Bank, 3481 O'Connell St., also plays host to a station.

"As we were looking into it, we found that (American Electric Power) was offering incentives to partner to install the chargers. Based on that, a stipulation was that anybody be able to use it," Koivisto said.

A fee applies for use of the stations at Kinsale and Huntington Bank. The Municipal Building stations are free to use.

"There will be more and more electric cars purchased," Koivisto said. "We hope this is a way to introduce people to the club."

Koivisto said the club's charger is a DC fast charger, which offers a faster and more powerful charge than standard EV stations.

Although Kinsale has not tracked usage in the brief period since the EV charging station was installed, the city of Powell has tracked steadily increasing use of the Village Green stations since they were installed last summer.

Monthly usage is up from between 250 and 350 kilowatt hours July through September 2018 to between 1,350 and 1,750 kilowatt hours April through August 2019.

"The electrical vehicle charging stations have been very popular since they were installed," said Rocky Kambo, Powell's assistant director of development, who's overseeing the EV project. "The stations are used daily by both residents and visitors,"

The city's charging stations are rated 10/10 on, a locator and review site for such stations.