The Nov. 5 ballot will be a full house for Worthington candidates.

Thirteen people are running for three seats on Worthington City Council and three are running for two Worthington Schools board seats.

City Council

For the council race, Candy Brooks, Peter Bucher, Paul Dorothy, Michael Farley, Karen Filina Wilson, Barton Hacker, Seth Kraut, Eddie Pauline, Jennifer Rhoads and Michael Troper are running against incumbents Doug Foust, Bonnie Michael and Doug Smith.

* Brooks, 68, of West North Street is a retired community journalist. She said she wants to restore trust in Worthington's government.

"I have a thorough knowledge and understanding of Worthington, how it works and, most importantly, how to get things done," Brooks said. "I have been disappointed to see trust in Worthington municipal government wane in recent years and believe I could help restore it."

* Bucher, 28, of River Glen Drive is a water-resources director for the Ohio Environmental Council. He said he wanted to run because this election could set Worthington's future "in several directions."

"I believe my skillset can be used to empower the people of Worthington to have a true seat at the table for not only development projects, but all city decisions," he said. "I would bring new energy and new ideas to city council that would benefit the citizens and businesses."

* Dorothy, 51, of Kenbrook Drive is a civil engineer for SEA Ltd. He said he wanted to run because of his commitment to community service and a sustainable future.

"I have personally facilitated and led over 300 public-involvement meetings and know how to ensure that all voices are fairly heard within a community decision-making process," he said.

* Farley, 41, of Haymore Avenue South is an attorney for the Ohio Insurance Institute. He said he is running to help Worthington move into the future.

"We must dream big in order to face challenges and accept opportunities," he said.

* Filina Wilson, 50, of New England Avenue is a qualitative-market researcher. She said she wants to be a voice for residents.

"My job for nearly 20 years is to ask questions and to listen," Filina Wilson said. "Residents in Worthington say they feel as though the city is not listening."

* Hacker, 47, of Stafford Avenue is president of the central Ohio chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors Inc. He said he is running because of financial concerns with the city.

"Worthington is facing some financial pressures that may impact city services if not addressed," he said. "According to our budget forecast, we will spend $1.2 million more than projected revenue between 2020 and 2023, perhaps more if a tenant for the former Anthem HQ is not found."

* Kraut, 44, of Bowerman Street is a software engineer for Upstart. He said he wants to help Worthington through a "time of transition."

"I believe we can have economic growth, while keeping what makes Worthington special," he said.

* Pauline, 39, of Robbins Way is director of business development for Ohio State University's corporate-engagement office. He said he has a goal of making Worthington more business-friendly.

"By creating a more business-friendly environment and embracing economic growth, we will create more income-tax revenue that we can use to pay for the wide range of services and improvements that residents desire," he said.

* Rhoads, 48, of Hawthorne Street is the president and CEO of Ohio Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association. She said she believes this is a new time for leadership in Worthington.

"Today, I am deeply concerned about the future direction of our community," Rhoads said. "Residents say City Council disregards them. And council fails act on core community issues, like development of the UMCH site, the Worthington Pools revival and more. Worthington deserves better."

* Troper, 55 of Highland Avenue is an area coordinator for the Ohio Department of Education. He said he wants to run for economic reasons.

He wants to make sure the city "remains fiscally conservative," he said.

As for the incumbents, they all said they believe they are people the community has come to trust.

* Foust, 63, of Highgate Avenue is the managing director of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio. He was elected to council in 2015.

"I bring the experience of a 40-plus-year career in business management balanced with the perspective of a lifelong Worthington resident," he said. "I led the call for the current visioning process in my campaign four years ago. My commitment to giving residents a voice above all is unquestioned."

* Michael, 66, of St. Antoine Street has been an attorney in private practice since 1991. She has served on council since 1995 and is the current president. She said she is running for reelection because of her love for Worthington.

"I am not a one or two-issue person," she said. "I am the person who has the knowledge and experience to effectively work on a multitude of very diverse issues. There are a number of community issues that I have worked on, and (I) want to continue to lead Worthington forward into the future.

* Smith, 36, of East North Street is the director of the St. Patrick Catholic Church charity board. He was elected to council in 2011 and cited his eight years of experience as helping him build trust.

"I will continue to work to maintain Worthington's family-friendly character," he said.

School board

For school board, Amy Lloyd and Kelly Needleman are running against incumbent Charlie Wilson. Julie Keegan, who has served on the school board for 12 years and three terms, did not run for reelection.

* Lloyd, 41, of Markwood Street in Worthington is the owner of sym-home, a residential design firm. She said she could bring a new perspective because of her involvement in the district.

"I am a parent who has actively been engaged in the district on many levels for several years, a community volunteer with ongoing governmental experience and a professional who has served school districts as a former project manager with the (Ohio) Facilities Construction Commission," she said.

* Needleman, 51, of Sefton Park Drive in Columbus is a registered nurse who now is a stay-at-home mother. She said she wanted to run because of her commitment to education.

"Over the past 17 years, I have dedicated myself to volunteering in Worthington Schools," she said. "I am passionate about our district and committed to ensuring all students, regardless of their ability, receive a quality education and school experience."

* Wilson, 67, of Baumock Burn Drive in Columbus is a law professor at the Moritz College of Law at Ohio State. He said he has the experience to help guide the district through the facility master-planning process and upgrades.

"I was a parent member of the school committees that were created when Worthington was building Slate Hill (Elementary School), Bluffsview (Elementary School) and Worthington Kilbourne High School," he said. "So I have institutional memory about the Worthington schools that our administration does not have."

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The biography information reported in this story was provided by the candidates in response to a standardized set of questions.

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Military and overseas voting began Sept. 20; early in-person voting and absentee voting for others begins Tuesday, Oct. 8.