A business that opened in January 2018 in the Bridge Street District is expanding with a second location within the district.

Coworking space Brick House Blue, 6605 Longshore St., is three weeks into construction on a second location at 6515 Longshore Loop, which will open in January 2020, said Cid Rhomberg, chief experience officer.

The coworking space market continues to grow in the U.S., especially in cities with a strong entrepreneurial startup culture like Dublin, said Sue Burness, Dublin's director of communications and public information.

"We are pleased to see Brick House Blue thrive and expand their offerings with additional space in Bridge Park," she said.

Rhomberg said Brick House Blue identifies with the Bridge Park development motto of "live, work, play," and company officials like that the area has restaurants, entertainment and other amenities nearby for its clients. Residents of Bridge Park also work at Brick House Blue, she said.

"We love the energy that the entire district brings," she said.

The 6605 Longshore St. space is 11,000 square feet with about 4,000 square feet of that space designed as meeting rooms, Rhomberg said.

Brick House's customers include freelancers, start-up companies and local employees of businesses with locations in another state or city, she said.

The new location will be 9,000 square feet of coworking space, with offices that can expand or retract, she said.

Rhomberg said Brick House Blue decided to expand because its initial coworking space is booked through 2020.

"So we were at capacity there," she said.

The company's facilities are leased from Bridge Park developer Crawford Hoying, she said.

Brick House Blue an opportunity for more people to experience the Bridge Street District, even if they can't financially support owning their own space in the area, said Matt Starr, Crawford Hoying development director.

In planning the Bridge Park development, Crawford Hoying has provided more office space than initially planned because of demand, Starr said.

When Bridge Park is built out, about 40% of it will be office space, he said.