Let the face melting begin.

“Fiery Death w/ Hate Sausage,” unofficially dubbed the hottest pizza in the world, will be featured Oct. 17-20 exclusively at Mikey’s Late Night Slice, 268 S. Fourth St. in downtown Columbus.

A slice is $4.50.

A tongue-scorching trio of peppers -- Carolina reaper, Trinidad scorpion and bhut jolokia, otherwise known as ghost pepper -- comes atop each slice.

In addition, a Fiery Punishment contest will be held at 8 p.m. Oct. 17 at the Fourth Street location.

The first eight contestants who sign up and pay a $5 entry fee will race to eat three slices of “Fiery Death” and a raw Carolina reaper pepper. The contest rules also require them to stay seated for five minutes afterwards, with no additional food or drink. Spectators are admitted free.

The first-place winner receives $100 gift card to Mikey’s, while second place earns the contestant two concert tickets from PromoWest Productions.

“They’re a special breed of people, but they know what they’re getting into,” said Jason Biundo, chief creative officer for Mikey’s Late Night Slice.




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