On Dec. 11, 1990, in a field near Mohawk Middle School, just southeast of downtown Columbus, three experienced hot-air balloon pilots and a 20-year-old student pilot launched their balloon, owned by the Bogey Inn in Dublin.

The balloon climbed above the buildings downtown as it floated westward toward Grandview Heights.

But the pilots struggled to get it to climb higher and observers were worried it was on track with the television towers at WBNS-TV.

The 839-foot tower shown in this photo was built in 1949.

The taller candelabra tower, standing almost 1,100 feet tall, was built in 1981 and housed many Columbus TV and radio stations.

The balloon struck the tallest broadcast tower, ripped and sent the gondola plummeting to the ground.

The bodies of all four occupants were found in the crumpled gondola about 200 yards from the tower.

The accident remains one of the deadliest balloon accidents in the U.S.