The Hilliard City School District is launching a series of essential engagement opportunities this month.

As the district, we live our mission and vision statements through our actions. We strive to ensure that every student is ready for tomorrow.

We embrace, empower and inspire our students, families and community in active partnership. Our school district is the core of our community; it is the foundation for the future. It takes all of us, working together, to perform at the highest level. We hope that each member of the Hilliard school community takes time to learn about these opportunities.

We will have community meetings, surveys and discussions. We know there will be lively, passionate discussions; we know our schools are fundamental to you.

While we'd like to have unanimous agreement on decisions, we know that our diverse community generates many different opinions. We pledge to listen to all comments, to be respectful during the process and to strive for consensus. This work isn't easy, but it is necessary as the needs of today's students continue to evolve.

* Next X Strategic Vision: The Hilliard City School District will share the Next X Strategic Vision with the community 6 p.m. Oct. 24 at the annual State of the Schools event.

Held at the Heritage Golf Club, the State of the Schools will be an opportunity to hear about the district's vision from 2020 to 2030. We will have our honors quartet playing music, light appetizers and a cash bar. We want to thank our sponsor, Credit Union of Ohio, for making this evening possible. We continue to partner with the Hilliard Area Chamber of Commerce on events like this to bring our business community and district together.

For the past decade, the 2020 Plan served as our school's "North Star" for planning and goal setting.

Next X, the result of a year-long engagement process, once again provides clarity of purpose for the next decade. The process included dozens of engagement opportunities and thousands of ideas. Next X is the basis for Hilliard's yearly commitment plan and quality profile. I hope you will learn more about these visioning documents and follow our progress throughout the year.

* Master Facility Plan -- Buildings for Tomorrow: The district is beginning a facilities planning process. This process will include several large-scale community meetings. The first of these meetings is 6 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 20 at Hilliard Darby High School.

Led by the team at Cooperative Strategies, we will examine the condition of all our current facilities, the enrollment projections for the future and the instructional needs of education moving forward. The master facility plan will provide a recommended course of action to the board of education in the spring of 2020. The plan will give the board time for deliberation in advance of a potential levy in November 2020.

We also know that elementary redistricting will be required in the coming years. The master facility plan, along with passing a levy to support the recommendations, will need to be part of an elementary redistricting conversation. With or without additional buildings, the district will need to shift elementary school attendance zones.

Our middle school and high school attendance zones are not part of this conversation. We have balanced secondary attendance areas; we have room to grow at the middle and high school level. Our Innovation Campus, including the ILC and HUB, serve more than 3,000 students per day. Our Innovation Campus creates tremendous value and flexibility for our community.

* Finally, we will convene an athletics study group to examine the purpose and organization of athletics in the district.

Sports brings out the passion in people. The proliferation of youth sports, along with the tremendous investment of time and resources by parents, makes high school programs incredibly important. As a district, we want to explore the purpose of the school run programs. The goal of the work is to bring clarity of purpose for everyone involved. Parents, coaches and, most of all, athletes should all be on the same page. Look for a nomination process in the late fall for the athletics study group.

The Hilliard experience creates a pathway to success for our students. Your district continually seeks opportunities to prepare students better for a changing workforce. Hilliard's engagement with business, higher education and workforce transformation leaders is second to none in central Ohio.

Our commitment to both academic skills and student well-being is unmatched. As we continue becoming elite, we invite you to share the journey with us. We want to listen to you, engage in meaningful conversations and commit to doing the work required together.

Hilliard City Schools Superintendent John Marschhausen writes the Hilliard Schools Connection guest column for the ThisWeek Hilliard Northwest News.