Orange Township voters will see two renewal levies on their November ballot: a 1-mill issue for parks and recreation and a 0.5-mill roads levy.

Neither levy would increase residents' tax bills, said Shari Baker, director of tax administration and consumer services for the Delaware County auditor's office.

The parks levy generates $1,208,846 each year and costs property owners $26.59 annually per $100,000 in property value, Baker said.

The roads levy currently costs those same homeowners $15.79 annually per $100,000 of property value and generates $631,003 each year, she said.

Both three-year issues previously were approved by voters in 2016. At that time, the roads levy was the township's first dedicated to funding roadway improvements. The parks levy was approved at a reduced level from the previous 1.5-mill levy.

"The parks levy is used to maintain seven township parks, covering over 90 acres, 13 miles of trails, North Orange Aquatic Center and new projects," Orange Township trustee Debbie Taranto said.

Those new projects, Taranto said, include trail construction, including the Lewis Center/North Road trail that will connect the township's new North Road Park and Olentangy High School, as well as the second phase of the Lewis Center trail connecting Bale Kenyon Road to Waukeegan Avenue.

Taranto said the tax dollars will support continued work at North Road Park, including the installation of Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant playground equipment as well as ADA equipment at North Orange Park, as well.

She said trustees also want to construct a trail connector across the railroad tracks at Orange Road.

Trustee Lisa Knapp called the township's parks project schedule "aggressive."

Knapp said the roads levy is important to "maintain our current level of service (and) to repair and improve our aging roads system."

"As a township that grew very quickly, many of the roads were built around the same time and wear out at the same time," Taranto said. "This has been a challenge to keep up with the repairs."