Grove City police officers took reports the morning of Oct. 18 from two residents who said items were stolen overnight from their pickup trucks.

A resident of the 3500 block of Woodlawn Avenue reported a bag containing a drill and drill-driver set, a hammer drill, a pair of sunglasses and $15 in change had been stolen from his vehicle. Total loss was $544, reports stated.

A resident on the 4300 block of Lynn Circle said reported an impact driver, a socket set, a GPS unit and $10 in change were taken from his truck.

On Oct. 18, city workers found the first man's drill bag and the second man's GPS unit near a ball diamond at Windsor Park, 4330 Dudley Ave., according to reports. The drill was not in the bag, but many loose drill bits were.

In other recent Grove City police reports:

* A resident of the 3300 block of Devin Road told police Oct. 18 she had been tricked by a fake company and lost $2,985.

The woman said she was contacted via email and given a phone number to contact a man by text. She said she never actually spoke to anyone on the phone or in person.

The victim said she received a check for $2,985 from the fake company, which then instructed her via email and text to purchase gift cards from Apple with the money from the check and fill out a survey based on the interaction she had with staff members from Apple.

The company then instructed her to send the information on the gift cards and receipts from the purchase to a man via text.

After completing the tasks, the woman checked her bank account and learned the check the company had sent her had not been approved. She also discovered the gift cards' balances had been reduced to zero.

The woman said she attempted to contact the man involved, but he did not respond and all communications from him have stopped.

* Officers responded at 9:34 p.m. Oct. 20 to a business on the 2500 block of Columbus Street regarding a burglar alarm alert. They found the front glass door of the business had been shattered. The officers checked the business but found no one inside. The owner arrived on scene and confirmed envelopes containing gift cards had been stolen, reports stated. The envelopes were found on the ground outside the business.

The glass on the front door of the business next door was also broken. Officers also searched that building but found no one inside. Nothing was found to be missing.

The owner of a business on the 4000 block of Knapp Drive reported the next morning that the glass in the back door of her building had been broken overnight and $5 had been stolen.

* A Louisville, Kentucky, man told police Oct. 23 that two gift cards, a wireless hub and a tablet were stolen overnight from his pickup truck while he was staying at a hotel on the 1600 block of Buckeye Place. A rear driver-side window on the vehicle was broken to gain entry, according to reports.