Candidates for Upper Arlington City Council and Upper Arlington school board last week filed their preelection campaign finance reports with the Franklin County Board of Elections.

State law requires candidates set to appear on upcoming ballots who received at least $1,000 in contributions to their campaigns to file campaign finance reports at least 12 days prior to the election.

The deadline for preelection reports was 4 p.m. Oct. 24.

The reports can be searched to find detailed information about who contributed to each campaign, as well as how much the candidates spent on their campaigns, at

Candidates also are required to file postelection reports by 4 p.m. Dec. 13. Those reports will reflect contribution and expenditure activity that took place after candidates filed preelection reports.

According to the preelection reports, John Kulewicz was the top preelection money generator in the Nov. 5 council race.

That race will see voters select three council members from a field that includes Michaela Burriss, Carolyn Casper, Brendan King and Angela Lanctot.

Kulewicz's report said that in addition to $11,420 he brought forward from his last campaign report, he raised $44,776. That gave him a total of $56,196.

After reportedly spending $27,788.38, Kulewicz had $28,407.62 available for his campaign.

King, a council incumbent, reported receiving $27,075 in contributions. In addition to that, he brought $2,100.14 forward from his previous report, giving him a total of $29,175.14 for his preelection campaign.

King's report said he spent $16,912.98 by the time of his preelection filing, and he still had $12,262.16 on hand.

According to reports, Burriss had a total of $27,969.44 at her disposal after bringing forward $2,318.44 and raising $25,651.

After reportedly spending $15,146.10, Burriss had $12,823.44 left as of the time she filed her preelection report.

Lanctot, according to her report, raised $17,475 and had 83 cents in "total other income."

After spending $9,483.61 by the time of her preelection filing, Lanctot reportedly had $7,992.22 remaining in her campaign war chest.

Casper, the only other incumbent on the council ballot, brought forward $591.32 and raised $10,662.41, according to the report.

She reportedly spent $1,651.29, leaving her with $9,602.44 for her campaign at the time of her preelection filing.

As for school board, voters will select three members from a pool of four candidates that includes incumbent Nancy Drees and challengers Nic Fortkamp, Jenny McKenna and Lori Trent.

According to reports, McKenna raised the most preelection funds, with $22,585 in contributions. She reportedly spent $3,826.11, which left her with $19,758.89.

Trent reported receiving $12,246 in contributions and 31 cents in other income, giving her a total campaign war chest of $12,246.31.

After spending $8,631.17, Trent reportedly had $3,615.14 for her campaign.

Fortkamp, according to reports, received $7,260 in contributions and spent $4,511.07. That left him with $2,748.93.

According to her preelection reports, Drees had $3,601 in contributions and $3,521 in other income.

Her total available campaign funds were listed at $7,122, and she spent $6,531.76 as of her filing. That left her with $590.24.

Drees' report also said her campaign committee has a loan of $3,521 it will be required to pay back.