Has anyone done the math for the two issues we have to vote for?

For a $100,000 home, the school levy would increase the tax by $274.75 a year and the police issue would increase it by $33.60. If they both pass, this is $308.35 a year or almost $25.7 a month.

While this does not seem like much, if both pass it would mean a higher mortgage payment for most of us. On $200,000 the math is about $52 a month and for a $300,000 home that is $76 a month. Real-estate taxes are already high and many cannot afford to absorb these extra costs.

Here is an idea: Sell the building the city of Westerville bought which us citizens didn't authorize and use that money to improve our schools. I for one am tired and over-taxed by the same people whose salaries we pay. Didn't the state of Ohio Supreme Court deem it unconstitutional to use property taxes for schools? Find someone else's pockets to pay for these excessive costs.

David Reiniger