A woman told Columbus police someone stole thousands of dollars worth of property from her car while it was parked on the 2900 block of Neil Avenue between 7 p.m. Oct. 29 and 5 a.m. Oct. 30.

The victim said she always locks her vehicle and that she noted scratch marks around its door's keyhole, which she never uses in favor of a remote key.

Stolen items include makeup and a bag worth $1,000, a $700 smart watch, shoes worth $1,500, a book bag and books valued at $100, two more bags together worth $95, $300 in clothing, ear buds worth $250, jewelry valued at $500, eyeglasses worth $500, contact lenses valued at $300, and $15 in change.

In other recent Clintonville-area police reports:

* Someone stole a car parked on the 100 block of East Lakeview Avenue between 7:30 p.m. Oct. 29 and 7:30 a.m. Oct. 30, according to reports.

The victim said the car is worth $2,500 and contained rock-climbing gear valued at $400, a toolbox and tools worth $100, soccer cleats valued at $300, a $100 stethoscope and a power drill worth $100.

* On Oct. 23 and 24, police received five reports of mail being stolen from the mailboxes behind the Beechwold post office, 4364 N. High St.

In all five cases, stolen checks were altered and cashed in amounts ranging from $783 to $2,028, reports said.

* The manager of a business on the 3000 block of North High Street said an employee had embezzled $5,000 between Oct. 5 and 25.

According to reports, the suspect, while running the cash register, charged customers only about an eighth of what they owed. The manager told police he has video evidence against the employee, who was fired Oct. 28, reports said.

* Officers responded to a report of a fight at 12:40 a.m. Oct. 29 at a business on the 3000 block of Indianola Avenue.

The manager of the business told police she asked the suspect to leave after he bothered other patrons, but he refused. The manager said she and two other employees attempted to walk the suspect out, but the suspect punched her in the face.

The victim did not press charges but asked that the suspect be banned from the business.

* Someone stole sunglasses worth $110 and a garage-door opener from an SUV parked on the first block of East Weisheimer Road between 5 and 6:45 a.m. Oct. 23, according to reports.

* At 5:03 p.m. Oct. 23, an officer was dispatched to the 100 block of Morse Road on a report of assault. At the scene, the victim told police he saw a man on a porch holding a package and believed the man might be trying to steal it.

The victim told police he took a photo of the suspect and yelled at him, after which the suspect put the package down, approached the victim and assaulted him.

* A man told police someone stole $20 cash and debit and credit cards from a locked locker between 6:30 and 7:58 p.m. Oct. 25 at a business on the 200 block of Graceland Boulevard.

The man said the card issuers each contacted him to let him know the cards were being used at the same store. One purchase was denied by the bank but the other was allowed, reports said.

* At 3:30 a.m. Oct. 28 on the 200 block of Broad Meadows Boulevard, police took a report of assault, though the suspect told officers the assault was mutual, reports said.

* Officers responded to a report of an assault at 7:20 p.m. Oct. 29 on the 5300 block of Forest Avenue. There, a woman told police a suspect had smacked her in the neck during an argument.

The suspect responded that the victim and a witness were harassing him and attempting to force him to move out of the residence, when the victim got in his face and he used his hand to move away.

* A woman told police someone opened the trunk of her vehicle while it was parked on the 200 block of Orchard Lane at 10 a.m. Oct. 22, stealing a $79 satchel and a $24 sample of quartz countertop material.

* A man reported his bike worth $100 was stolen after he left it unsecured outside a business on the 3400 block of North High Street at 6:15 p.m. Oct. 28.

* A woman reported someone entered her unsecured food truck parked on the 3000 block of North High Street and stole $162 from a cash register at 6:36 p.m. Oct. 24.

* The owner of a business on the 2800 block of Indianola Avenue said someone smashed a window to gain entry between 12:05 and 9:20 a.m. Oct. 25.

The owner said it did not appear anything was stolen from the business, though a computer monitor worth $800 was broken.

Damage to the window was estimated at $200.

* A resident of the first block of Walhalla Road told police a package containing a Halloween costume worth $30 was stolen at 7:25 p.m. Oct. 25.

Video footage from the resident's doorbell camera showed the theft, as well as the suspect's vehicle leaving the scene, reports said.