Grove City police said a resident of the 1600 block of Cayuga Court told police Oct. 26 a Newark woman took his car and stole several guns from his house.

The man said he was visiting a residence on Whitethorne Avenue in Columbus with the woman Oct. 25 when just after midnight, she asked him if she could use his car, promising she would return in a few minutes.

The man said he became concerned when the woman hadn't returned after a few hours. He got a ride back to his house and discovered the front door was unlocked and all of the lights were on inside. He said he had secured the door and turned off all the lights before he left earlier that evening.

He discovered that four pistols and two rifles were missing from an upstairs room, reports stated.

After taking the man's report, Grove City police received notice from Columbus police that they had stopped the woman while driving the man's car in the 200 block of Whitethorne Avenue. Only one of the missing firearms was found in the car, according to reports.

No charges have been filed regarding the Grove City case.

In other recent Grove City police reports:

* A resident of the 2900 block of Louise Avenue reported Oct. 24 that three pairs of sunglasses and a pair of earbuds were stolen from her car. Total loss was $760, reports stated.

* A resident on the 4200 block of Farr Court told police he believes a woman stole items from his residence. The man said the woman showed up at his house Oct. 13 and asked to sleep on the couch because she had nowhere else to stay. The man and his mother allowed the woman to stay. When they got up the next day, they discovered the woman was gone and several items, including a cellphone, a bicycle, medical strips and $1,125 were missing.

* A resident on the 5600 block of Hoover Road told police Oct. 27 a laptop computer, valued at $1,000, was stolen from his house. The man identified a female suspect, but no charges have been filed.