The Third Street ramp to eastbound Interstate 70 in Columbus will close Nov. 25 as the Ohio Department of Transportation continues work on its plan to reconstruct downtown highway interchanges that began in 2011.

The ramp eventually will be replaced by a new one that runs from Fulton Avenue near Grant Avenue to eastbound I-70 in summer 2021.

ODOT is closing the ramp as part of the latest phase of the Columbus Crossroads project, which was started eight years ago with the Interstate 670/Interstate 71 interchange. The project is broken into 19 phases, with the most recent carrying a $67 million price tag.

The current phase involves reconstructing and widening eastbound I-70 between South Fourth Street and Miller Avenue, building a new ramp onto and off eastbound I-70 and reconstructing Mooberry Street between 18th Street and Parsons Avenue and Fulton between Third and Fourth streets.

Closing the ramp from eastbound I-70 to 18th Street, originally slated for November, has been pushed back to early December, said Breanna Badanes, an ODOT spokeswoman. When that ramp closes, a new one will open to replace it at Parsons Avenue.

“The ramp to Parsons replaces access to (Nationwide) Children’s Hospital,” she said.

Last month, ODOT shifted eastbound I-70 lanes between 18th and Grant to reconstruct highway lanes.

ODOT is recommending several alternatives to access eastbound I-70 when the Third Street ramp closes. They include the following:

• East on Livingston Avenue to Kelton Avenue or Alum Creek Drive

• South on High Street to westbound on Greenlawn Avenue to northbound Interstate 71

• East on Main Street to Miller Avenue or Alum Creek Drive

• West on Spring Street/Dublin Road to southbound state Route 315

• West on Spring Street to Neil Avenue to eastbound Interstate 670 to southbound I-71