Marsha Hall has worked her entire adult life, but at age 70, Groveport's city administrator says it's time to settle down.

After eight years on the job plus service in other communities as a council member, mayor and administrator, Hall will retire Friday, Nov. 22.

"Part of me is very unhappy because I love it here," she said. "But I want to relax, I want to travel and I want to be around my family more, my grandkids. I've worked longer than I thought I was going to work."

Groveport operates under a mayor-administrator-city council form of government in which the mayor is the chief executive and law enforcement officer of the municipality.

Lance Westcamp, who has served as mayor since 1994 and won another four-year term earlier this month, already has begun the search for Hall's replacement. He and some members of council will interview candidates, and the job posting lists the starting annual salary of between $81,547 and $106,302. The application deadline is Dec. 2. Hall's annual base salary is $123,344. Total compensation, including benefits, was not provided.

Westcamp said the hope is to have a new administrator by the first of the year.

"I'm looking for the same mold, one who communicates not only with me but council," Westcamp said. "We've got to have open communication. Hopefully, I find someone with the qualifications. I'm really looking for someone with municipal government experience, and there might be someone right there in my backyard."

Before arriving in Groveport, Hall was the administrator for the village of Baltimore in Fairfield County from 2003 to 2012. She also served as Canal Winchester's mayor from 1993 to 2003 and was elected to Canal Winchester City Council in 1993. Asked about her accomplishments in Groveport, Hall said she believes the city has moved forward.

"I don't want to say any one project or any one item," she said. "What I'm probably most proud of is playing in a role in working as a great cohesive team, as with mayor and council. That part of the job was really important to me in making sure that staff was accomplishing the things council and the mayor set up, but we always did it as a team."

Those daily interactions will be difficult to replace, she said.

"I'll miss the residents of Groveport, but mainly the people I work with," Hall said. "It's nice to work with people where you develop lifelong friends. I think I will always be part of Groveport."