Worthington is preparing to make several repairs to the Worthington Division of Police building in 2020, but no timeline has been set.

Dan Whited, Worthington's city engineer and director of service and engineering, said areas at the building would be cordoned off by workers so normal work could continue at the station while the repairs are being made.

The city's expected list of capital improvements in 2020 include repairs to the HVAC system, roof replacement, carpet replacement and new ceiling tiles for the building at 6555 Worthington-Galena Road.

The capital-improvements plan from the city for 2020 to 2024 said the roof replacement is estimated to cost $425,000. All the other improvements are estimated to cost $1.5 million.

Whited said the building was constructed in 1972.

He said the HVAC components that are being replaced are from 2001, when the city purchased and rehabilitated the building into the current police station. He said the roof was replaced in 1998 before the city's purchase of the building.

Assistant City Manager Robyn Stewart said a portion of the HVAC replacement would make the building more energy-efficient.

"The rest of the project is to address air-quality issues that we have determined exist in the building," she said.

Whited said the air-quality issues are not dangerous, but the humidity levels in the building are higher than they should be.

"It's uncomfortable and inappropriate," he said.

An appropriation for the project was approved by Worthington City Council on Nov. 18.

Whited said the design for both the roof and others repairs are not completed, so no timeline is available for the project.