We are entering a season of thankfulness.

This is one of my favorite times of year. I enjoy the practice of making my thankful list and checking it twice. Thankfulness can calm the stress and busyness that also comes along with this season. It's a practice that can be used anytime we feel anxious or stressed and is a skill we hope our students learn as well.

In this season of thankfulness, and on behalf of the students and staff of Bexley City Schools, I want to extend a 'thank you' to the Bexley community for its continued support of our schools.

Earlier this month, the Bexley community overwhelmingly voted in support of our schools' operating levy. The operating levy will begin collection in January 2020 and the funding raised through this levy will be used to continue our current level of programs and services to our growing student body. We would not be able to continue our tradition of excellence and provide an engaging educational learning experience to our students without our community's support.

As we enter 2020, we will continue to share information about this funding and how it is having an effect on our schools and students.

Some of our students are also practicing being thankful this season in big ways. At Cassingham Elementary School, students are spreading kindness around the school and community and keeping track of their work on the Cassingham Kindness Board. Teachers are encouraging students to be self-directed with their good deeds by spreading kindness in interactions with their peers, in their classrooms and taking action in the community.

Bexley Middle School students have been deploying creative tactics to raise money for Charity Newsies and will present the proceeds from their collective efforts before the Thanksgiving break.

I am thankful that our students are engaging in real-world learning and service experiences. These are the types of opportunities that make a lasting impression and encourage students to have empathy for others and consider how they can positively interact with their community.

Again, thank you to the Bexley community for believing in our students and investing in their future and the future of Bexley City Schools. We are thankful for your support and the opportunity your support creates for our students.

Bexley City Schools Superintendent Kimberly Pietsch Miller submitted the Bexley Bold column.