Westerville South High School senior Atemnkeng Fontem has developed an application to help students track grades and assignments.

Fontem, 17, said he always wanted to find a problem that he could solve with computers.

"One day I wanted to know my GPA and then decided that 'What if I could calculate my GPA right now?' " Fontem said. "I then noticed the apps on the app store that had similar functions were all badly designed or hard to use."

That led him to create and release the app GradePoint, which is available on the iO App Store: tinyurl.com/fontemgpaapp.

Fontem said GradePoint is designed to make school more bearable by helping students calculate their GPA or final grade and track assignment due dates and allowing notes or photos to be attached each assignment.

He said GradePoint solves many of the problems he has had as he makes his way through high school.

"For most schools, GPA is only available at the end of the semester and students can't track their academic progress throughout the semester," Fontem said.

"The GPA apps already available are very hard to use, and don't allow much customization. GradePoint allows you to adjust the scales to any college (or) high school's grading system."

Fontem said students like himself often forget homework assignments.

"GradePoint is basically like an agenda that you can keep with you 24/7 to remind you of upcoming assignments," he said.

Fontem said the app has inspired many other students in the community to start creating their own apps and to explore the world of computer science.

"I've even had random kids I've never spoke to at school come up to me and thank me for the app," he said.

Westerville South principal Mike Hinze said he met with Fontem several times about the app.

"He is a great student and has learned so much from the project," Hinze said.

Fontem said he saw the creation of his app as an opportunity to follow his passion for computer science while solving a problem to help thousands of students.

"It's always been my dream to influence others positively," he said.

Fontem said his app has been downloaded more than 2,000 times locally just through word of mouth.

It has received more than 8,000 downloads globally, he said.

He said his family immigrated to the United States from Cameroon when he was 3, and he has spent most of his time on computers since he was a child.

He attended Westerville's Hawthorne Elementary School and Heritage Middle School prior to Westerville South.

After graduation, Fontem said, he hopes to attend Ohio State University and pursue a career in computer science.