In May 1923, Grandview Heights Mayor John Ryder (lower left) proposed a $30,000 bond issue that would include $15,000 for a building "of brick construction and artistic design, in keeping with the other architecture of the village," to be built in what was then the new community park at Goodale Boulevard and Grandview Avenue.

The new building -- now the city's Municipal Building -- was completed in August 1924 (upper right).

The fire department hired a chief and two firefighters, one of whom lived in the new building.

An additional equipment bay was added (top left aerial photo, taken in 1960, looking west toward Grandview Avenue).

The new space is the bay under the right two dormers in the aerial photo.

In 1963, the building was renovated to add additional office space and room for the police department (bottom right aerial photo taken in 1963, showing the wraparound addition).