Although the forecast has been relatively mild since the first snowfall of the season in mid-November, Bexley is stocked with salt and prepared when and if more snow and ice hits, according to service director Andrew Bashore.

The city salt supplies are fully stocked with 600 tons, Bashore said.

"I try to keep the bins full at all time," he said.

"I won't let it get more than half."

The city participates in a consortium with other municipalities that enables them to purchase salt through annual contracts negotiated by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

This year's purchase price for salt is $80.41 a ton from supplier American Rock Salt, Bashore said.

When snowfall is expected, the city preps streets with brine before plowing and salting, Bashore said.

"If it's not freezing rain or rain, we will brine," he said.

Trucks first plow major arterials like East Broad Street, then collector streets with alleys plowed last.

"We always try to salt first. If the salt's not working, we'll drop the plows," Bashore said. "A lot of the cities don't do the alleys. We do plow the alleys if it's more than 3 inches."

Residents are expected to shovel sidewalks in front of their houses whenever there is a snowfall over an inch, according to the city's website, Senior citizens who need help with shoveling can receive free assistance from volunteers who are registered with the city by calling the Bexley Building and Zoning Department at 614-559-4240.