The Dublin City Schools' redistricting maps for elementary and middle schools are expected to be finalized later this month, and they will include changes that address concerns raised by parents.

CORRECTION: Brandy Maas is president of the parent-teacher organization at Karrer Middle School. The print and earlier online version of this story named the wrong school.

The Dublin City Schools' redistricting maps for elementary and middle schools are expected to be finalized later this month, and they will include changes that address concerns raised by parents.

Superintendent Todd Hoadley said he plans Dec. 16 to present the redistricting maps to school board members, although the process doesn't require board approval.

The district is redrawing attendance boundaries because it is scheduled to open two new elementary schools in August 2020 and a new middle school in August 2021.

Hopewell Elementary School is being built at 4303 Bright Road and Abraham Depp Elementary School and the as-yet unnamed middle school are being constructed at the northwest corner of Hyland-Croy Road and Ravenhill Parkway in the Jerome Village development.

The elementary schools are the 13th and 14th for the district, and the middle school will be the fifth.

The new maps would take effect for grades K-5 for the 2020-21 school year and for grades 6-8 for the 2021-22 school year, Hoadley said.

Hoadley said the latest iteration of the maps, which he presented Nov. 25 to board members, should be the final ones he approves Dec. 16, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

The latest map drafts include five changes Hoadley said were able to be made because they were in line with enrollment projections.

"That's what's driving our ability to make these decisions," he said.

The accommodations include adjusting maps to:

* Ensure students from Shawnee Hills all attend the new middle school.

* Ensure students from the Riviera subdivision all attend Grizzell Middle School.

* Ensure students in the Post Preserve, Westbury and Park Place neighborhoods continue to attend Karrer Middle School.

* Ensure about 44 students near Billingsley Road, Sawbury and Interstate 270 South continue to attend Chapman Elementary School.

* Ensure 19 students from the Martin Road-state Route 161 area in grades K-4 remain with their classmates to attend Hopewell Elementary School.

The district couldn't change the map to accommodate three concerns parents had, because making the changes would have put some school buildings over capacity, Hoadley said.

Those requests were:

* To keep K-5 students in Bristol Commons at Wyandot Elementary School instead of moving them to Bailey Elementary School.

* To allow students in the Duneker Reserve of Muirfield to remain at Deer Run Elementary School or move to Eli Pinney Elementary School instead of moving to Bailey.

* To balance demographics in the Thomas Elementary School-Sells Middle School attendance area.

Once the new maps take effect, fifth-graders will need to finish their elementary schooling at their new assigned buildings instead of remaining at their previous buildings, Hoadley said. Likewise, the district will suspend at least for two years its intradistrict open-enrollment policy.

The first goal of the redistricting is to eliminate building overcrowding and a secondary goal is to reduce class sizes, Hoadley said.

In 2011, the board set class size caps for elementary school buildings that vary by grade level, he said. The caps set a maximum of 26 students in K-1 classrooms, 28 students in grades 2-3 classrooms and 30 students in grades 4-5 classrooms.

"That's not where we want to see class sizes," he said.

Brandy Maas, president of the parent-teacher organization at Karrer Middle School, said many people in the district might have negative feelings about the redistricting plan because they are happy with the schools their children currently attend.

Maas said redistricting won't affect where her children (Zachary, an eighth-grader at Karrer, Xander, a fifth-grader at Scottish Corners and Kruz, a second-grader at Scottish Corners) attend school.

"I admit my initial instinct would be sadness if my children were being moved from Scottish Corners or Karrer because I absolutely love everything about those schools," Maas said.

"However, this honestly is a good thing for the city and school district because the catalyst for the redistricting is an increase in our student population, which just goes to show that people want to live in Dublin and send their kids to school here because we are a top notch city and school district," Maas said.

"So as much as I am going to miss some of our current families and friends, I am also looking forward to welcoming new families with open arms, making new friends, and being a part of everything our amazing school district has to offer," she said.


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