In 1916, Grandview resident Stephan Stepanian (top left) developed plans for a revolutionary piece of equipment, designed to carry concrete from the plant to the job site, and keep it mixed en route.

His design (bottom) for the first motor-truck concrete mixer resulted in his designation as the father of the ready-mix concrete industry.

Stepanian moved to Grandview in 1906 and resided on Glenn Avenue near Bluff Avenue.

He was president of the Marble Cliff Quarries and the Central Ohio Concrete Co. and later founded Arrow Concrete.

He filed for a patent for the design, but was rejected because the patent office didn't think a truck could support the weight of the mixer nor have the mechanical components integrated with those of the truck.

He reapplied for a patent for such a vehicle in 1928 and it was granted in 1933.

Despite his first patent rejection, the first trucks based on his ideas were built in the 1920s (top right).