A 52-home single-family development planned for the first portion of a subarea in the western portion of the Beulah Park development will include an architectural style that will be new to central Ohio.

Grove City Council approved a development plan Dec. 2 for the project, which will be on the east side of Demorest Road, about 700 feet south of Southwest Boulevard.

"We really need single-family residences at Beulah, and this is an effort to bring to subarea E what we call entry-level housing that will appeal to young families," said Pat Kelley, managing partner with GC Beulah Investments LLC, the developer of the 212-acre mixed-use redevelopment of the former site of the Beulah Park racetrack. The racetrack closed in 2014.

The area where the 52 houses will be built is the closest in Beulah Park to the future site of a new Brookpark Middle School, he said.

"So we have to be sensitive to bringing in homes that are marketable" to young families, Kelley said.

The houses are expected to have a price range of $300,000 to $350,000, he said.

Pulte Homes will develop all 52 of the residences, Kelley said.

"What Pulte has agreed to is an upgraded series of homes that are a brand new concept to central Ohio," he said.

The new houses will be designed as what Pulte calls its "Move Up Series," Kelley said.

"It's a concept they started in the pacific northwest -- Seattle -- and have introduced in other areas, including Indianapolis and Cleveland," he said.

Move Up Series houses are designed to fit more easily onto smaller, often urban infill lots, he said. The interior does not include the living room or dining room features usually found in single-family houses but offers a larger kitchen that includes a dining area, Kelley said.

The houses are "two steps up from what we originally envisioned" for this section of Beulah Park, he said, "but they are still able to hit the price range because a lot of the homes will be built on slabs."

Only 19 of the 52 houses will be designed with basements, but buyers will have the option of basements in other parts of the community, said Keith Filipkowski, director of construction operations at Pulte.

The roadway network development plan for Beulah Park was approved in August 2018, city development director Kyle Rauch said.

Council approved the development plan approved on Dec. 2 primarily addresses architectural issues, Rauch said.

The planning commission voted to recommend approval of the development plan at its Nov. 19 meeting and included six deviations or stipulations, most of which are minor in nature, Rauch said.

One of the deviations allows a 3-foot variance for two lots from the maximum lot width of 75 feet allowed in the Beulah Park zoning text, he said.

Those two lots will face a public park planned for the development, Rauch said, and the deviation on lot size will allow side-loaded garages to be built on the pair of parcels.

"We're trying to reduce the number of driveways facing the park," he said.

Originally, there was some thought of having two builders involved in the project for subarea E, Kelley said.

No specific builder was identified as being the second firm, although his team had informal discussions with other builders, including Schottenstein Homes and M/I Homes, he said.

"It was more of a general idea of having a second builder involved," Kelley said.

The city's desire to have lots with side-loaded garages was a factor that led to Pulte being the only builder involved in this portion of the project, Kelley said.

Side-loaded garages are a challenge to fit onto a smaller lot, and Pulte's Move Up Series is more accommodating to meet the stipulation that the lots facing the park have those garages, he said.

The zoning text also limits garage sizes to encompass a maximum of 45% of the width of a house's front facade, and another deviation council approved will extend that limit by 1%, Rauch said.