As a New Albany resident and someone who has supported the Broadway Junior program, I appreciate the mayor and members of City Council for supporting the amphitheater project.

I know that most of the funding for the project comes from private donations made to the New Albany Community Foundation from generous families, companies and community groups. It's great that the city and township also are supporting it.

These public-private partnerships have served our community well through the years, most notably in the construction of the Jeanne B. McCoy Community Center for the Arts. Our daughter participated in many of the school and community sponsored performances in the McCoy Center. I know so many kids who flourished and gained confidence through these opportunities.

I'm confident the amphitheater, as a part of the Rose Run Park and school campus corridor, will provide another inspiring venue for residents of all ages to perform or simply come together to be enriched by the arts. I appreciate the forward-thinking community leaders who thoughtfully are investing in these kinds of projects that will enrich the lives of so many New Albany residents.

Ruth Bank

New Albany