After decades in business, the Olde Village Barber shop in Old Worthington is keeping haircuts – and conversations – clipping.

Brothers Thom Checkler, 59, of Worthington and Jim Checkler, 69, of Westerville have owned Olde Village Barber at 669 High St. since 1989.

Thom Checkler said in the 1980s, they worked at the same address under another barber, but when the owner was evicted, they took over the space.

Both said they were inspired to become barbers because of other family members in the profession, including their father, John Checkler, who did it for 62 years in Wellsville.

Thom Checkler, a licensed barber since 1979, said he estimates he has given around half a million haircuts at the shop.

"If you're doing 100 haircuts a week, and we're open 365 days a year," he said.

In between the buzz of the clippers and hair falling to the floor, conversations about the news of the day and other topics are going on in between the chairs.

Thom Checkler said that's his favorite part about the job.

"We talk about politics," he said. "We talk about religion. I would say the common man comes in here. We speak of life; we speak of love. We try to give good advice, but everyone's opinion matters in here."

Both men said the clients who come into the shop vary in background, profession and other aspects.

Tom Stanley, 71, a resident of Worthington's Olentangy Highlands neighborhood, said he has been coming to the shop since 1979 and enjoys the personal relationship he has with Jim Checkler, who has been his barber since then.

"The relationship between the client and the barber is personal," he said.

Stanley said he enjoys the atmosphere and the unique nature of the shop.

"If you saw the diversity of clients that come in here, it's amazing," Thom Checkler said.

The shop provides haircuts for women and children. Prices are $35 for women and $20 for men; all children's cuts are $20.

The Checklers' staying power is evident: Thom Checkler said he has been able to cut hair for customers from four generations of the same family on multiple occasions.

"The hardest thing to do as a barber is four generations," Thom Checkler said. "I think I've done that three times."

Jim Checkler said the brothers hope neighboring businesses in Worthington perform well, and they appreciate the diversity of business offerings.

He said he tries to refer their clients to other businesses, such as the newly opened Oasis Face Bar at 667 High St.

"I hope they do well," he said.

Olde Village Barber is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Appointments are not necessary.