Westerville is offering a holiday-light recycling program for residents this season.

The Westerville Electric Division, 139 E. Broadway Ave., is providing the opportunity to recycle a strand of lights in exchange for an LED light bulb. Residents can bring strands to the division’s building between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. There is a limit of three light bulbs per household but no limit on the amount of unwanted strands that can be turned in, according to the city’s website, westerville.org.

The program will run until Jan. 31.

Those who are not interested in exchanging light strands for light bulbs can drop their unwanted strands into the marked bins in front of the Electric Division at any time.

The strands will be recycled at no cost by a scrap-metals and -materials vendor, according to westerville.org.

Amanda Pratt, director of corporate communications for Rumpke Waste & Recycling, said the lights can frequently get tangled in equipment, so residents should not place them in their residential recycling bin.

“Rumpke takes your recycling to its material recovery facility on Fields Avenue; there the materials are separated by type using sorting equipment including spinning discs called disc screeners, as well as optical scanners and an eddy current. When items like Christmas lights, linens, bed sheets and garden hoses come in through the curbside recycling program, we refer to them as tanglers because they tangle, get stuck in the sorting equipment and cause damage or even shut down the system,” she said.

She said residents should avoid putting these additional holiday items in their recycling bins:

• Plastic store bags (return them to the grocery or department store)

• Trash bags (place items for recycling loose in the container)

• Lithium ion batteries (often found in power tools, toys, cellphones and tablets)

• Ribbon and tinsel

Other items that do not belong in bins include medical syringes and household hazardous waste products.

Residents can access more information about the holiday light recycling program at 614-901-6700.