As the K-8 redistricting process in the Dublin City Schools comes to a close, I wanted to reach out to the families affected simply to let you know, this will be OK. I know, because I've lived it.

I first became involved with Dublin City Schools when we moved our family here from Connecticut 28 years ago.

We picked up our first born out of his kindergarten class in Connecticut and plopped him into Indian Run Elementary School mid-school year. So yes, we "redistricted" our son to an entirely new state.

We found a house in the Brandon subdivision and he started first grade at Wyandot Elementary School. Yes, you guessed it. We were redistricted back to Indian Run when he started the second grade.

I couldn't believe this. He and I were starting to unravel. And, our daughter who thought she would be attending Wyandot at this point ended up starting kindergarten at Indian Run.

We soon came to realize we lived in "the redistricting vortex" of the district. Ugh.

Then, Bailey Elementary School was built and our two children were once again redistricted to another building. It was very sad to leave the stability of Indian Run, but we smiled and adjusted to yet another school.

Looking back on it, every single one of these elementary schools were absolutely amazing because we only hire the very best staff.

This is about the spirit of our community and the excellent educational opportunities afforded our children because we are fortunate enough to live here.

They both went through Grizzell Middle School, and then the fun began again. Our son thought he was going to Coffman High School, only to be redistricted last minute to Scioto High School.

High school redistricting is the worst. But it was the best thing that ever happened to him. He flourished and met friends for life. As a parent, that meant the world.

After two years, our neighborhood was once again redistricted back to Coffman. Our daughter was there for two years until Jerome High School opened and we were once again part of the collateral damage.

But rather than lose most of her friend group, she chose to attend Jerome and was part of the first graduating class. She also flourished.

Our third child graduated from Coffman where she flourished. Yes, my children graduated from all three high schools and we never moved.

What did our family learn from all of this?

We learned that how we, as parents, handle the stress transfers down to our children. If we stressed over the redistricting, so did our children.

When we embraced the redistricting, so did our children. High school redistricting was much more difficult to endure, but we did.

It taught our children to be flexible and to adapt to their opportunities as they are presented. It has served them well as young adults and yes, they flourish.

I don't believe they would be as durable and self-sustaining if they had not experienced and learned from redistricting. True story.

As a Dublin City Schools Board of Education member and as a parent, I understand redistricting is an emotional process.

We become attached to our schools, teachers and parents of our children's friends.

Please, rest assured our district is excellent at transitions for students -- and adults. We have a lot of experience in this.

In the coming months our principals will be hosting welcoming events and getting to know their new parents and students.

During the first few weeks of the 2020-21 school year, you will find your child adapting to their new environment and I am confident you, too, will begin to feel at home and cared for in a very short amount of time. Your children need you to embrace their learning experience -- now and into adulthood.

It is an honor to serve the fine people of this community.

Lynn May is a Dublin City Schools board member.