Work on the east side of Dublin's Riverside Crossing Park is scheduled to begin soon.

Dublin Parks & Recreation Department director Matt Earman said the city anticipates breaking ground on the eastern plazas within the next few weeks.

The upper plaza will be the first phase of the project and will take about eight to 10 months to become nearly completed, Earman said.

The phase will include removing a temporary path to the pedestrian bridge and creating a more direct pathway as the upper plaza is fully completed, he said.

The second phase of the project will include the lower plaza area, lawn space and shared-use paths, which are anticipated to be completed in 2022, he said.

Riverside Crossing Park is the next major piece of the the Scioto riverfront development project through Dublin, said Mayor Greg Peterson.

Dublin's Bridge Street District on the east side of the river and the Historic District on the west side will be connected by the pedestrian bridge in the new park, he said.

"Whether you are new to Dublin or have lived here your whole life, this park is going to be something special for everyone," Peterson said.

The pedestrian bridge spanning the Scioto River is nearing completion, and city staff members are working to identify a date for a public opening event, which likely will occur in mid-January, said Lindsay Weisenauer, a Dublin public-affairs officer.

The park's west plaza is nearly completed, Earman said, and areas will be open in time for the opening of the pedestrian bridge.

The 2019-2023 capital budget included $17.9 million for the upper and lower plazas, a pavilion with restrooms, seating areas, water features, lawn space, overlooks, shared-use pathways on the east side of the park and restorative work on the west side of the river once the pedestrian bridge is finished, Earman said.

The funding was increased to $18.4 million in the 2020-2024 capital budget because of anticipated inflation, he said.

"The vision for the park has been instrumental in catalyzing the multimillion-dollar private investments in new developments planned for both sides of the Scioto River, adding to the vibrancy and vitality of Dublin's civic center and benefitting all residents and businesses of Dublin," Earman said.

"The park is not only going to be another incredible amenity for our residents, but will also be an attraction in and of itself for visitors," said Scott Dring, executive director at the Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau. "It will be one of the final pieces for a downtown Dublin that is already a world-class destination."