Worthington is a special community made up of passionate and informed residents who want the best for their families, neighborhoods and community, and we want to hear your insights.

The Worthington Community Visioning Committee is hard at work, along with its consulting partner, Poggemeyer Design Group, to create opportunities for residents to express ideas, opinions and values regarding Worthington's future.

The visioning process presents an opportunity for residents to consider all aspects of our community. This platform of ideas will provide the material to establish a common message of what we, the residents, would expect and desire our community to look like in 15 to 20 years.

The visioning committee has been busy identifying and structuring the process tools, which will be launched to the community in January.

The visioning process will begin with a "community listening" phase in which, through a variety of public-engagement opportunities, we will gather insights and ideas.

The next phase will be an education and environmental overview, whereby the visioning committee will provide vital and consistent information that will shape our mutual vision.

To measure our progress, the third phase will be a formal survey to touch base with community members to validate what we have heard.

The feedback we receive will provide the data for the final phase, which will become our statement of analysis. This concluding step will summarize for the community and Worthington City Council the collective feedback of residents' aspirations for the future of Worthington.

In the coming months, visioning committee members will be reaching out in a number of ways. Look for a robust, interactive website to launch in January, on which you may share ideas and opinions and learn more about the committee's activities and upcoming opportunities. We also will be out in the community talking with community members one-on-one, in public meetings and at special events, such as the Saturday morning Worthington Farmers Market, where we want to hear opinions and answer questions.

This process begins and ends with each of you. We look forward to your input via the website, at various city functions and at our twice-monthly meetings as we work together to shape and define a collective vision for our great city -- where tradition meets the future.

The visioning committee's meetings are open to the public and are held from 6 to 8 p.m. monthly on second Tuesdays and fourth Mondays in the Worthington Municipal Building at 6550 N. High St.

Joe Sherman is chairman of the Worthington Community Visioning Committee.