Billboards, development and a little food mixed in made for quite a year in the Northland area.

Here's a look back at the top five stories of the year:

BILLBOARD BROUHAHA -- The message on a billboard, the creator of which said was misinterpreted, caused a stir in August. The billboard, which showed a woman holding an insect gun -- thought to be an Airsoft rifle -- and with the text, "It's my birthday, b*tch," was taken down a week after it was put up.

The billboard was created by social-media star Ross Smith, an internet sensation with millions of followers worldwide.

SENIOR NESTS -- National Church Residences announced its intention to build three major senior-housing projects in Northland: 76 units at 999 E. Dublin-Granville Road, 94 units at 5771 Maple Canyon Ave. and 75 units at 4836 Cleveland Ave.

The residences are intended to serve low-income seniors age 55 and older.

CUISINE SCENE -- Northland added to its many interesting food options in 2019. Among the more notable openings: Caspian Restaurant, a Persian destination, at 4989 Cleveland Ave.; The Mix, which specializes in Peruvian, charcoal-roasted chicken, at 4362 Karl Road; Couscous House, offering Moroccan cuisine, at 1611 N. Hamilton Road; and Swensons Drive-In, part of a popular northeast Ohio-based burger chain, at 5720 N. Hamilton Road.

SENIOR SERVICES -- Charity Eilerman tried to pick up momentum to start a senior village, part of a national movement involving concierge services for older adults.

The basic village concept, which is built on a fee system for members, involves social activities and many volunteers completing light chores for neighbors.

ROUTE 161 REVIEW -- Arch City Development was given a contract for $50,000 from the city of Columbus for a real-estate market analysis of the state Route 161 corridor from Sinclair Road to Ponderosa Drive.

The purpose is to document the state of the commercial market and to forecast future tenant mixes, said Brian Higgins, a principal with Arch City Development. The review is expected to wrap up in February.