Upper Arlington's longtime city attorney and city clerk will receive slightly larger pay increases in 2020 than they received this year.

Collectively, city attorney Jeanine Hummer and city clerk Ashley Ellrod have been employed with the city 37 years.

During their last meeting of 2019 on Dec. 9, Upper Arlington City Council showed continued commitment to both by approving 3% salary increases for them for 2020.

The raises are slightly larger than the 2.75% increases both Hummer and Ellrod were given for 2019.

For Hummer, the increase is expected to extend through Aug. 31, when she plans to retire.

Her base salary will go from $147,693.59 in 2019, to $152,124 in 2020. Although it's not compensation she'll receive, the city also will pay $36,345 for her employee benefits next year.

Because of her impending departure, Hummer will not receive a retention bonus in 2020.

Per the city attorney's contract, she received a bonus paying her 10% of her annual salary each year from 2015 through 2019.

Hummer has been with the city since 1989 and has served as city attorney since 2001.

"I appreciate the salary increase, and it is the same increase awarded to all the general employees," Hummer said.

"It has been my pleasure to serve the city for almost 31 years."

Ellrod has been with the city since 2012. She became city clerk in August 2014.

Her base salary will go from $81,931.10 in 2019 to $84,389. The city also will spend $32,924 for her employee benefits next year.

Ellrod did not respond to a request for comment.

Unlike past years, when council members have lauded both Hummer and Ellrod for their work, they approved the increases without comment about employee performance.

Initially, there was discussion that Hummer might retain her city-issued mobile telephone and tablet computer at no cost to her because she's expected to provide at least some free legal assistance to her eventual replacement.

"My goal was if there was a historical legal question, the new city attorney has the ability to reach out," Hummer said. "My intention was to provide this service at the discretion of the new city attorney without compensation."

However, following questions from some council members as to why the language was included in the legislation authorizing her raise, Hummer requested the provision be scrapped.

Council did not provide a salary adjustment for the city manager, as has been customary, at its last meeting of the year.

That's because Steve Schoeny took the post Sept. 30, and his contract states he will be eligible for up to a 3.5% raise upon completion of council's evaluation after his first six months on the job.

Schoeny currently receives an annual base salary of $199,500. The city pays $33,676 for his annual benefits.