Westerville City Council is expected to vote on a resolution Jan. 7 to support refugee resettlement in the city.

City Manager David Collinsworth said the resolution is a “fairly recent development” based on a presidential executive order President Donald Trump issued in September that provides an opportunity for communities to opt in or out or express concern about refugee resettlement in their area.

“If you are willing to accept refugee resettlement in your community, you need to take some sort of action,” Collinsworth said.

He said if council approves the resolution, it would be sent to the federal government to register that Westerville supports resettlement.

“If we didn’t pass it (the resolution supporting resettlement), the general assumption would be that we don’t,” he said.

Collinsworth said Franklin County has adopted a resolution in support of refugee resettlement.

This action does not require any further involvement or action by the city, according to a staff report connected with the legislation, nor would any city resources be utilized in the enactment of this provision.

The council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in council chambers, 21 S. State St.