While I don't necessarily dispute Olentangy Schools' funding priorities leading to the ballot measure in March 2020, I can't help but ruminate about the evolving nature of our residential communities.

The unrelenting property-tax increases every three or four years have left us with these inescapable conclusions: that many of us are just transient residents who will not be able to afford living in the district as our incomes decline with age; that we are a migrant population with an address here solely for the "quality" of the school district; that we are leasing our residential space for 20 years with no real connection to the "community" because there isn't one anyway.

Perhaps, it's time to understand what the cut list is that the school board and district administration propose without any pretense of subtlety. Even better, consider making it entirely "pay to participate": sports, band, STEM, a seat on the school bus. We will know within a year what the residents want, and where the schools can cut staff, departments and facilities.

How about a school district income tax -- what happened to then-representative Andrew Brenner's school funding overhaul?

How about slicing "technology" spending, the same technology that is limiting our children's futures by limiting their ability to think and learn (and write in cursive) -- remember the Eloi and the Morlocks?

Sure, it's a good school district, but is this the "quality" we want?

Vivek Bettada