Northland residents soon will have the opportunity to comment on a transportation plan that affects their neighborhood and beyond.

Bevan Schneck, spokesman for the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, told the Northland Community Council that the 2020-50 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) soon will be posted online at

"We very much care what people say because they will be the ones using the transportation system, so we want to balance the region's growth and development with how the residents want to get around," Schneck said.

The commenting section, which includes an update on projects and strategies as well as a draft plan to be released in February, will be open through April 3, he said.

Updates are done every four years, Schneck said, so some of the previously recommended projects in Northland -- such as a bike and pedestrian path along East Dublin-Granville Road from Sinclair Road to the Alum Creek Trail -- likely will remain on the master plan for consideration.

The final plan is expected to be adopted by MORPC in May.

Dave Paul, a member of the NCC, said he would like to see the master plan address a long-term fix for East Dublin-Granville Road, which he said has several dangerous intersections, poor traffic flow and confusing service-road patterns.

Roundabouts have been suggested -- and not necessarily eagerly received by the community -- at some intersections.

"I guess I'm hopeful over the next five years or so that we're going to see some additional development and innovation along the (state Route) 161 corridor and clean it up," said Paul, a member of MORPC's community advisory committee.

"It's going to have to be addressed, and I think the MTP will include various aspects of that," Paul added, "but how quickly that will be addressed I can't say."