At a Jan. 6 organizational meeting, the Bexley City Schools Board of Education unanimously elected Marlee Snowdon as president and Michelle Mineo as vice president.

The meeting also included the swearing-in of new members Alissha Mitchell and Victoria Powers.

In her role as president, Snowdon replaces John Barno, who remains on the board. In the November election, Mike Denison was not reelected and another incumbent, Melissa Lacroix, didn't run for reelection.

Mitchell is a commercial property manager for NAI Ohio Equities LLC. She previously served on the Bexley school board beginning in February 2015, when the board unanimously appointed her to the unexpired term of former board member Carol Fey. Mitchell was elected by voters in November 2015 to serve the final two years of Fey's term.

Powers is an attorney and adjunct professor at Capital University Law School.

On Jan. 6, Mitchell thanked current board members for welcoming her back and said a recent tour of the district from Superintendent Kimberly Pietsch Miller and her executive team was helpful in assessing the current status and future of the district.

"I had the opportunity to have the ear of the administrative team without any distractions, which is always nice, because you can have very candid conversations about what your successes are, what your challenges are and what you need from the board," Mitchell said. "It was exciting to see some of the things that I had been a part of early on coming to fruition."

Powers also said she also found the district tour helpful in orienting her to her role as a board member.

"I also appreciated the opportunity to meet with all the principals in the buildings and learn about what was going on in each of the buildings," Powers said. "I'm very excited to be a part of the board and I look forward to working with everybody."

At the board's regular monthly meeting immediately following the organizational meeting, Snowdon gave an overview of two policy revisions that the board considered as a first reading and are tentatively scheduled to vote on at the second reading at the board's next monthly meeting, set for 6:30 p.m. Feb. 4 in the Cassingham Complex Community Room.

The policy revisions are recommended but not mandated by the Ohio School Boards Association and have been reviewed by the district's policy committee, Snowdon said.

If approved, one policy revision would require the board to formally adopt the meeting agenda at the beginning of each meeting, with a majority vote of the members present.

"It's probably better for governments to adopt the agenda at the beginning of a meeting," Snowdon said. "It's a way to make sure that everybody knows what we'll be discussing and what we won't be discussing ... for any given meeting."

A second policy revision would allow any board member to remove an item from the consent agenda for further discussion.

According to the proposed policy, "items placed on the consent agenda are routine in nature and noncontroversial."

The proposed policy revision "allows any board member to pull anything off the consent agenda that they would like to have a conversation with, to either postpone it or put it on the regular agenda so that we can have a conversation about it," Snowdon said.