For Lucila and Diana Linik, artistic expression is a passion that runs in the family.

The mother-daughter duo have spent most of their lifetimes creating paintings that have been shown throughout the United States and around the world.

But they never have created a joint exhibition until now.

"Life in Line, Shape and Color," an exhibition featuring a collection of mixed media, watercolors, oil paintings and collages by the duo is on display through Feb. 21 in council chambers at Grove City Hall, 4035 Broadway. The Grove City Art Concern is presenting the show.

"It's really special to be able to be able to do this show together," said Lucila Linik, who lives in Orient.

"This is something I wanted to do with my mother while I still have the chance," said Diana Linik, a Grandview Heights resident.

The pieces selected for exhibition "shows our work over time that is part of the process of how you go about producing a body of work," Lucila Linik said.

For her, the art she makes is based on what she observes in the world and how it makes her feel, she said.

"I'm an expressionist," Lucila Linik said. "Even if you're doing something that is abstract, it is a reaction and representation of the realism of what you see and what you feel."

As the title of the exhibition indicates, the artwork displays and celebrates how she and her mother use lines, shapes, colors and textures to reflect their life experiences, Diana Linik said.

"I never intended to become an artist," she said. "My mother wasn't really an influence in my becoming an artist. Like her, it was just something I felt passionate about."

Diana Linik was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and received a bachelor's degree from the National University of the Arts in her home city and a post baccalaureate from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Along with her work as an artist, she serves as a certified medical interpreter at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Lucila Linik was born in Buenos Aires and raised in New York City. She began studying art when she was 13 years old at the High School of Music & Art in Manhattan and later led the art department for more than 30 years at Northlands School in Buenos Aires.

The "Life in Line, Shape and Color" exhibition is open to the public from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays or by calling Tami Kelly, clerk of council, at 614-277-3065 for an appointment.

The Grove City Art Concern was founded in 1991 and is sponsored by Grove City Council.