A Hilliard Davidson High School teacher remains on paid administrative leave more than a month after being accused of posting an “inappropriate” link on a student-course website.

Shawn Parsell remained on paid administrative leave as of Tuesday, Jan. 28, according to Stacie Raterman, director of communications for Hilliard schools.

Raterman said the district would not comment on the next step concerning Parsell as the investigation into the incident continues.

ThisWeek has been unable to reach Parsell for comment.

Parsell's leave began Dec. 17.

In a Dec. 17 letter to Parsell, Superintendent John Marschhausen informed Parsell that he was being “placed on paid administrative leave as a teacher” and directed him to not have contact with any students or staff unless otherwise directed.

In a message the same day to Davidson families, principal Aaron Cookson said “an inappropriate link was put into one of our Canvas courses for some students.”

Canvas is a learning-management system used by the district.

The nature of the “inappropriate” link was not revealed by the district, but a parent sent ThisWeek a recording of a student navigating the Canvas app on a smartphone. The video records curriculum modules being accessed in a world-studies class labeled “Parsell,” and one of the links titled “French Revolution” leads to what appears to be an external pornographic website.

It was not the first time Parsell had been placed on paid administrative leave.

On Feb. 8, 2018, Marschhausen had sent a letter to Parsell informing him he was placed on paid administrative leave and directing him “to remain off school grounds.”

A letter from Marschhausen to Parsell on Dec. 19, 2017, also advised Parsell he was placed on paid administrative leave and directed him to remain off school grounds and to not have contact with students or staff.

District records also indicate that Parsell on Feb. 25 entered into a “last-chance agreement” signed by Parsell, Marschhausen and Mary Kennedy, president of the Hilliard Education Association.

The agreement said Parsell “engaged in inappropriate and unprofessional conduct toward a student who is transgender by directing the student to change clothes even though the student had not violated the student dress code” and threatened to call the student’s parent.

The agreement said Parsell denied making the comments but entered into the agreement “to resolve the differences” with the district.

The agreement also indicates Parsell’s paid administrative leave was converted to an unpaid suspension and further stipulated that if Parsell “engages in any further misconduct of any kind,” the school board “shall have the right and just cause to terminate his employment.”