A 15-year-old Centennial High School student was arrested at 8:30 a.m. Jan. 27 for bringing a loaded handgun into the building, according to a news release from the Columbus Division of Police.

The boy was being questioned for the possible theft of another student’s cellphone, according to police.

The security officer at the school went over video of the cafeteria, where the cellphone was reported stolen, and saw the boy allegedly taking the phone off the table, according to police.

The security officer then removed the boy from class and took him to the office, according to police. Security then searched the student and his backpack for the missing phone, according to police.

The security officer found a loaded gun in the student’s backpack, according to police, and the student was arrested by the school resource officer, a sworn Columbus police officer, for conveyance/possession of a deadly weapon in a school zone and carrying a concealed weapon.

“Students who bring any type of weapon on to school grounds -- real or fake -- will be held accountable. Columbus City Schools has a zero-tolerance policy on weapons, and discipline can include suspension or expulsion,” said Jacqueline D. Bryant, the district’s communications director. “Columbus police can also be involved, which could mean students might also face criminal charges. More importantly, we encourage parents to have a serious conversation with their child about the consequences of possessing any kind of object that can be deemed a weapon or something potentially dangerous to others in our school environment.”