A planned roundabout at Home and Dublin roads in Concord Township appears to be in limbo, for now.

However, Larry Dulin -- who lives on the intersection's northwest corner -- said he has not been told directly by anyone with the Delaware County Engineer's office that the project is on hold, and he continues to work to sway public opinion against the project.

"We have not done anything with this project since last fall," said Ryan Mraz, chief deputy design engineer for the county.

"It's on hold for now, I guess. There is no set timetable as of now," he said. "There has been no further communication on either side, nor is there any planned anytime soon, to my knowledge."

Dulin confirmed there has been no communication.

"No one has told me it's on hold. Everything's been quiet, but I don't know what's happening," Dulin said. "I'm still fearing an eminent-domain letter will come in the mail every day when I go to the mailbox."

Dulin received a letter last April concerning the project, stating that the county would be in contact with him about acquiring some of his property as right of way. He began a grassroots campaign to try to keep from losing property, including a number of large trees; that effort continues on the "Save the Rathbone Trees" Facebook page. Those trees -- along with some other flora and landscape features on Dulin's property -- stand to be lost as the result of construction of a roundabout at the intersection, according to plans.

Last year, Dulin said, he was aware that the project had been proposed. Delaware County announced its intent to build the roundabout in August 2017, but Dulin said he had not been contacted by anyone from the county until receipt of the letter last spring.

"I'm still working to keep what I've got," said Dulin, who has lived at the corner for 39 years. "I've received so much support from my neighbors."