Violet Township trustees chairman Terry Dunlap said providing services, balancing the budget and looking ahead to the next roads levy are chief among his objectives for 2020.

Dunlap has served as a trustee since 1994. He was selected by his fellow trustees Jan. 9 to serve as chairman of the three-trustee board this year.

He said he doesn't anticipate 2020 will be a year of great change but rather one in which the trustees and new township administrator Ed Drobina will be challenged to uphold services to residents amid tight financial conditions.

"We're extremely tight on money," Dunlap said. "The price of everything has gone up, but (Violet Township) taxes have not.

"One of the priorities will be to continue the services to the people and stay within the budget. That's going to be a major challenge, but we'll make it."

Violet Township has 108 miles of roadway, including 15 miles that are multipe lanes, Dunlap said.

Each year, the township collects about $770,000 in property-tax revenue to maintain its roads, including resurfacing work, snow and ice removal, street-sign maintenance, culvert replacement and mowing the rights of way.

That revenue is from a 1.5-mill roads levy voters approved in March 2016.

That five-year levy expires in 2021, and the trustees will determine this year if a renewal levy will be placed on the ballot this November or in May 2021.

"It's just a renewal," Dunlap said. "It would not be new taxes.

"That's been a major benefit for taking care of our roadways."

Dunlap's 2020 priorities are in line with those identified at the end of 2019 by last year's trustee chairman, Darrin Monhollen, and former township development director Holly Mattei.

They also said Violet Township would continue to work with the Fairfield County Transportation Improvement District to study the possible construction of a U.S. Route 33-to-Interstate 70 connector, as well as the study of a Pickerington Road interchange at Route 33.

Additionally, Monhollen said, the township likely will discuss an update of the comprehensive land-use plan in 2020 and finalize plans for the renovation of Violet Township Fire Station 592, 8700 Refugee Road.

"Fire Station 592 on Refugee Road is 23 years old," Monhollen said. "What I know now is the project would be $2 million and the plan is to complete it in 2020."