Grandview Heights Mayor Greta Kearns has appointed Aubrey Hale as the city's strategy and engagement officer.

The position, according to the city, will fulfill the role of assistant to the mayor, a position Kearns has created as part of her effort to restructure and modernize the city's administrative staffing model since she took office Jan. 1.

Hale has more than five years of municipal government experience, most recently serving as a management analyst with the city of Troy after completing two internships. She has a master's degree in public administration from Ohio State University.

"Ms. Hale brings energy, depth and strategic thinking to the city's team as we manage change and look to the future," Kearns said in her announcement of Hale's hire.

Both Kearns and chief of staff/director of operations Bob Dvoraczky "are in full agreement that Ms. Hale's professionalism and can-do attitude will be well-received by our residents and staff alike," Kearns said. 

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