Bexley's State of the Community Address will take on a different format this year, becoming a roundtable discussion with Bexley Mayor Ben Kessler and community organizations.

The event is 6 p.m. Monday, Feb. 10, at the Columbus School for Girls' Agnes Jeffrey Shedd Theater, 56 S. Columbia Ave.

Kessler said he will be joined onstage by representatives of the Bexley Public Library, the Bexley Community Foundation and the Bexley Area Chamber of Commerce. Kessler said the event will focus on the city and community organizations, since the Bexley City School District is planning a separate State of the Schools event Feb. 26.

"There's going to be more of a casual conversation," he said. "There will be presentations on the year to come and perhaps what's gone on in the year behind us, but it will be a little bit more casual."

While CSG is hosting the event, the school will not participate in the roundtable discussion. Kessler said the city chose the Shedd Theater because the State of the Community showcases different city venues each year.

The theater's capacity can accommodate small or large gatherings, which is ideal since this year's State of the Community will include an audience question-and-answer session, Kessler said.

"While the questions will come from the audience and hopefully from online and they'll be targeted perhaps to certain organizations," he said, "we're going to attempt to bring all four organizations into the answering process so that we're collaboratively talking about whatever that topic might be. That's why we call it a roundtable."

Ben Heckman, director of the Bexley library, said the State of the Community brings together residents and organizations to discuss issues of mutual concern and provides the library with an opportunity to raise awareness about coming programs.

"I'll be discussing some highlights from 2019, along with some exciting things coming in 2020," Heckman said, "like our new library phone app, the upcoming U.S. Census, the forthcoming circulating art program and a plan to expand our Wi-Fi hotspot lending program."

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